The Wellness Coach Training Program

The Wellness Coach Training Program is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program that consists of three training courses; 1) 1.0 Wellness Coach Training, 2) Group Mentor Coaching, and 3) 2.0 Coach Training.

Each of these courses may be taken individually, or they may be combined to complete the full Accredited Coach Training Program.

1.0 Wellness Coach Training

This foundational coach training course covers fundamental coaching skills, tools for coaching around health and wellness-specific topics, and business-building support to help you launch your life coaching practice.

Group Mentor Coaching

Hone your coaching skills and gain the mentor coaching hours you need for ICF certification in this 8-week course.

2.0 Coach Training

This advanced coach training course integrates Positive Psychology and modern coaching concepts to expand on your coaching skills and prepare you for further certification with the ICF.

“Wellness coach training allowed me to leverage my massage therapy practice to include an entirely new dimension. Thank you for the experience!”
~ Angie Ringwald

Wellness Coach Training

A Focus on Health and Wellness

On the surface, the Wellness Coach Training Program is designed to give you the skills and tools you need to help people improve their health and wellness. On a deeper level, it is part of a larger health and wellness movement.


Business-Building Support and Materials

Here at Coach Training EDU, we are dedicated to helping coaches do their life’s work. As part of your training, you will receive access to a variety of business-building materials and support to help you as you launch your health and wellness coaching practice.

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Certification Options

Coach Training EDU offers coaches certification as an Associate Certified Wellness Coach (upon completion of the 1.0 Wellness course) and as a Certified Wellness Coach (upon completion of the full Wellness Coach Training Program ACTP). Because all of our training programs are accredited by the ICF, you are also eligible for ICF certification once you complete your training.

“I learned more in this course than I did in an entire class semester in grad school on coaching. I am so happy I decided to jump into your course. Thank you!!!! ”
~ Melissa Berke


Training for Groups, Teams and Organizations

Coach Training EDU offers a variety of Wellness Coach Training options for groups, teams, and organizations. Plan a 1 or 2 day in-person training for your staff, or send a group through one of our scheduled training courses. For larger groups, we can even design a unique training schedule, just for your team.


Core Wellness Coach Training

Are you already a trained coach, looking for health and wellness-specific tools? Coach Training EDU offers a Core Wellness Coach Training course, which focuses on the health and wellness-specific skills and tools from the full 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course. This option will give you the training you need to coach around this niche area, without requiring you to learn the basics all over again.

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Wellness 1.0 Self-Study

The Wellness 1.0 Self Study course is designed for individuals who are not looking for a full training program or who want to work through the content from the 1.0 Wellness Coach Training course on their own. With the self-study option, you receive access to all written materials from the full course, and are then able to look through and use them at your own pace.

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