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Academic Life Coach Training Program

The Academic Life Coach Training Program specializes in training people to be professional coaches working with students in college, secondary, or middle school.

Executive Coach Training Program

The Executive Coach Training Program specializes in training people to be coaches addressing professional and personal success.

Wellness Coach Training Program

The Wellness Coach Training Program focuses on training coaches to help others in areas of health and wellness, including; exercise, diet, and lifestyle change.

How does training with Coach Training EDU work?

Here at Coach Training EDU, we approach coaching and coach training a little differently. Our founder, John Williams, has pioneered  our programs to meet the ever-evolving world of coaching and give you a comprehensive and one-of-a-kind training experience that meets your needs.

We offer three International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTPs), each designed for a specific niche area of coaching; 1) the Academic Life Coach Training Program, 2) the Executive Coach Training Program, and 3) the Wellness Coach Training Program.

Each of these larger training programs consists of three courses; 1) the specific 1.0 level course for that program, 2) 2.0 Coach Training, and 3) Group Mentor Coaching. You can choose to complete any of the courses separately, or you can combine them to complete a full ACTP.

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Already have some coach training under your belt? The 2.0 Coach Training Program is specifically designed for experienced coaches who want to take their coaching skills to the next level and gain additional training to further their certification. This training program includes concepts from current research in positive psychology, as well as requirements for professional certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). To skip ahead, and learn more about Coach Training EDU’s advanced coach training option, click here.

Why Train with Coach Training EDU?


Mission-Based Coach Training

Coach Training EDU is on a mission to redesign the field of Life Coaching and help you Do Your Life’s Work. Our coaches are trained to help executive professionals, wellness experts, high school and college students cultivate Emotional Intelligence skills and co-create action steps to gain skills necessary to lead effective, fulfilled professional adult lives.

Accredited Training & Experienced Company

Since 2009, Coach Training EDU has trained over 500 coaches in our three Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTPs). Our life coach training reaches the highest standards of accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and we have experience guiding coaches on what it takes to launch a successful coaching career.


Engaging and Transformative Experience

Coach Training EDU offers a flipped classroom model of coach training to give you the most out of your training experience. With the lectures prerecorded, class time is spent in Q&A, discussion, and actual coaching to maximize learning. This training format will allow you to grow as much personally as professionally throughout your time with us at the Coach Training EDU.

“Just want to say thank you again for the opportunity to take your class and learn so much. I think the best evidence of the change ALC has brought in my life is my family and friends commenting on the passion they see in me and how supportive and encouraging they are. Your support and encouragement also means a lot and I keep that present when I am coaching. You have a truly remarkable mission that you are sharing with the world and I am honored to be able to join in that mission.”

-Colleen Gecawich


Academic Life Coach Training

The full Academic Life Coach Training Program is designed for individuals who are interested in using coaching concepts and tools with students in college, secondary, or middle school. This program offers you foundational and advanced coaching tools, skills specific to working with young people, and business-building support as you launch your Academic Life Coaching practice. Coach Training EDU also works with colleges and universities to boost student retention and engagement through Academic Life Coaching concepts.


Executive Coach Training

The full Executive Coach Training Program specializes in training coaches who want to help others unleash their professional and personal growth and potential. This unique training program incorporates executive and business coaching, along with business-building support for you as a coach and advanced coaching skills, to prepare you to launch a successful, professional coaching practice.


Wellness Coach Training

The full Wellness Coach Training Program specializes in training coaches in the health and wellness fields. Focused on holistic health, this coach training program will prepare you to address topics such as exercise, diet, and overall lifestyle change with your clients, as well as prepare you to launch your own wellness coaching practice.

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