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What would having a connected community, passionate about coaching, mean to you?

What happens when two trained life coaches fall in love and start a family? They do the crazy thing and chase their dreams. From May 2017 to June 2018 Coach Training EDU co-founders John and Amois are traveling with their young family across the US on a #doyourlifeswork tour. They are speaking, connecting, and learning as they show their two girls and infant son the US. Here’s their instagram feed.

What’s your pace’s sweet spot?

Once upon a time, we had to run to catch food or avoid being food. Now we run to stay in shape and feel fantastic. In the work world, the entrepreneur runs against a clock of sunk costs and burn rate, the cost of simply living and doing business. Each day holds a precious opportunity to move the project forward balanced with other life needs that also require attention.

What’s your pace’s sweet spot of sustainability and accomplishment that outpaces your monthly burn rate?

Using (Ebb &) Flow

After hustling for weeks, maybe months, and the first rains begin to fall, there’s a temptation to take a break and relax. Flow is beautiful. Yet when the source of motivation shifts rapidly, from running to just stay alive, to now being able to rest and catch your breath, the transition can be disorienting. The wise entrepreneur balances the urge to catch some air versus running without breaks.

In what ways do you use upswings in your business to push harder or ease off?


Using Ebb (& Flow)

Every business has a cycle of ebb, when the going gets hard, and flow, when the contracts are won and the product is launched. The wise entrepreneur looks forward and embraces both. Coming to a place of welcoming ebb might be a stretch. However, it’s worth the time and energy to expect and prepare your strategies to ensure you are still moving forward even when the work outlook is bleak.

Two part question:

How do stay productive in the face of stiff headwinds?

How do you take care of yourself, your mental and emotional self, when struggling with business? I find exercise is helpful. 🙂

The Right Amount of Hungry

It’s rare for the entrepreneur whose back is up against the wall, with bills past due, and literally too hungry or cold to think, to be successful. It’s also rare for a self-employed entrepreneur who is too comfortable, whose needs are totally met, to take the necessary risks. There’s a sweet spot when the reason to do the work matches and slightly overtakes the resistance to the hard work. That sweet spot feels uncomfortable at first, but it’s point is to get you moving.

How do you find the right amount of hunger and work’s sweet spot?


Split attention

I had to do some updates on two laptops. Once completed I kept both computers, switching back and forth, trying to be super duper productive, no longer bounded by the operating time of a computer’s operating system or speed of connection. And I found I couldn’t concentrate or get down to real work for the life of me. Then I started thinking about all the other split or two-screens I also have open at the same time.

How do you know when your attention is split?

Bonus question: what’s the cost?


What Happens Next?

Goals can be so attractive and dazzling that they take all the attention. So much focus and energy goes into ensuring you reach the goal. The coach understands the value in thinking through the whole process and going beyond the stated goal. Asking yourself the question, what happens next often yields useful information.

The next useful question to ask is: to what degree can you start taking those next steps – or bringing in a little of that post-goal circumstances – right now?

What if Done versus Perfection fought an MMA match?

Imagine if Good Enough and Perfection faced off in a boxing or MMA match.

[Announcer Booming over the PA system] In one corner we have Good Enough, which is just happy to keep things consistent and in working order. Yes, could use a little work here and there, but by and large, it’s done and she’s moved on to another project.

In the other corner we have Perfection weighing in as a perfectly proofed 450 word count post and so pleased with a bullet-proofed product yet stressed out of her mind.

In your own life, who would win?

Bonus question: who would you want to win?

The Awareness of Conditional Decision Making

If, then thinking – if this happens, then I’ll do X – can be incredibly valuable to make decisions or it can be an habit keeping you stuck. If this sale goes through, then I’ll invest more in this other area. If I get a good night’s sleep, then I’ll get up and workout. If I get this work done early, then I’ll go play.

What’s your usual, most-often-used if-then?

Bonus question: How does that question serve or not serve you?

How Can You Give Yourself the Opportunity to Adapt?

The entrepreneur understands the inevitability and value in setbacks. The challenges will be relentless and what you thought was a viable path will suddenly fall through. Fortunately, human beings have been turning problems into puzzles for thousands of years and adapting to some of the harshest environments you can imagine. You can trust that with enough time and effort, you will adapt.

How can you give yourself the time, energy, and opportunity to adapt to the next level?