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Coach Training EDU’s Mission & Philosophy.


The What.

Coach Training EDU is a life coach training organization, offering online and in-person trainings to people interested in working in the professional, wellness, and academic life coaching fields. We train and certify individual coaches, as well as groups of professionals from organizations, colleges, and universities, in our three accredited and research-based life coach training programs.


The Why.

Here at Coach Training EDU, we are passionate about increasing human flourishing and changing the world through coaching concepts. Our mission is revolutionize education, wellness, and the way we work, so that everyone can experience what it feels like to flourish.

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The How.

Our approach is grounded in classical philosophy and guided by cutting-edge neuroscience and positive psychology research. We offer highly interactive, engaging training sessions, designed on a flipped-classroom model, to give you the most well-rounded and engaging training experience possible. Lectures are prerecorded, and your learning is maximized by realtime feedback and guided practice in your live, weekly webinars.

Coach Training EDU’s Founders

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John Andrew Williams

Creator of Academic Life Coaching and Essential Coach Training. Coach Training Director for Wellness Coach Training. Keynote speaker. Author of 5 books. Master Certified Coach. Former writer for Newsweek and (once upon a time) a Latin teacher.

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Amois Marie Williams

Creator of the 1.0 Wellness Coach Training Program. Strategic Consultant for Academic Life Coaching and Essential Coach Training. Keynote Speaker. Author of the 1.0 Wellness Coach Training Program. Founder of Running Mamas in Portland, Oregon.

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