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1.0 Academic Life Coaching: 


1.0 Executive Life Coaching: 


1.0 Wellness Life Coaching


Advanced Coach 2.0 Training


Life Coach Training Guides  



Session 00:  Orientation

Session 0:  Introduction

Session 1:  Unified Theory of Coaching

Session 2:  Design the Alliance

Session 3:  Coach the Client, Not the Problem

Session 4:  Client Being

Session 5:  Client Learning

Session 6:  Client Action

Session 7:  Essential Coach Qualities

Session 8: Vision

Session 9:  Assumptions

Session 10:  Perspectives

Session 11:  Values & Passion

Session 12:  Systems

Session 13:  Motivation Styles

Session 14:  Future Self

Session 15:  Inner Critic

Session 16:  Metaphor (ALC), Resilience (WLC), Leadership & Feedback (ELC)

Session 17:  Setting Reminder

Session 18:  Future Pacing

Session 19:  Powerful Relationship

Session 20:  Leadership

Session 21:  Chapters 1-6 Review

Session 22:  Chapters 7-13 Review

Session 23:  Chapters 14-20 Review

Session 24:  Conclusion

Session 0:  Introduction

Session 1:  The Professional Coach

Session 2:  Active & Imaginative Empathetic Listening

Session 3:  Learn-Be-Do

Session 4:  Curiosity

Session 5:  The Name of Courage

Session 6:  The Power of Pause

Session 7:  Inspiration & Accountability

Session 8: Coaching Overview [Part 1]

Session 9:  Coaching Overview [Part 2]

Session 10:  Flow

Session 11:  Resilience

Session 12:  Engagement

Session 13:  Meaning, Happiness, & Future Self

Session 14:  Coaching Overview [Part 1]

Session 15:  Coaching Overview [Part 2]

Session 16:  Learning & Feedback

Session 17:  Patterns

Session 18:  Stress & Humor

Session 19:  Competing Values

Session 20:  Seeking Feedback

Session 21:  Laser Life Coaching

Session 22:  Coaching Overview [Part 1]

Session 23:  Coaching Overview [Part 2]

Session 24:  Completion

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