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Sam Moinet Webinar | Resiliency Series

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Join CTEDU Graduate Sam Moinet and CTEDU Co Founder John Andrew Williams as they explore Sam’s journey to starting @studentbreakthrough and how he’s using resiliency and coaching to better the lives of his students.


About Sam:

Sam is a teacher, speaker, student life coach and founder of Student Breakthrough. Having been a teacher for half a decade, Sam witnessed many challenges that young people face. Problems such as anxiety, low motivation and students who under performed. There simply wasn’t the right type of support for students in school or enough time to help them reach their full potential. Sam founded Student Breakthrough which uses revolutionary coaching methods to provide young people with the tools, vision and techniques to succeed in all areas of their lives. In 2019 Student Breakthrough helped over 350 students across the UK to become happy, successful and confident. Alongside this, Sam now provides training for inspirational teachers to deliver the 3B Program of Boost, Believe and Breakthrough in order to bring coaching to more students and help more young people. Sam’s aim is to revolutionize emotional support for young people and create lasting change for future generations.

Read more about Sam’s story here.

View the webinar transcript here: Sam Moinet Transcript

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2 thoughts on “Sam Moinet Webinar | Resiliency Series”

  1. During the talk on Zoom you stated that building an app is looking big. There are many resources out there. You don’t have to know how to do it…hire someone that knows how to do it! 🙂 Much love learned a lot from your video.

  2. Sometimes things spoken are said at a time when they needed to be heard. That is the case for me listening to you yesterday. Your words were powerful to me. I appreciated your vulnerability especially from a male.Such eloquent role modeling! I also loved your conversation about burn out, giving yourself permission to take time to decompress. In our culture, especially mine, I have learned that my meltdowns are not a thing to be ashamed of but a clear message to take care of myself. When I was a middle school teacher I would schedule a monthly mental health day.
    Thank you, your energy and purpose come through big time.


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