Program Enrollment

Steps to Enrolling in One of Coach Training EDU’s Programs

You will find the steps for you to enroll in a training program below.

Please be sure to read through all steps involved in the enrollment process.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, or if you would like additional information about our programs, please contact us. We’re here to help.

Step 1: Pay the $50 Application Fee

The application fee for new registrants is $50. If you are a returning Coach Training EDU coach, you are not required to pay the application fee for another program. Please press the add to cart button, follow the remaining steps, and proceed to the “checkout” button at the bottom of the page to checkout and apply.

Step 2: Complete Coach Training EDU’s Application for Enrollment Below

Coach Training EDU Application for Enrollment

Thank you for choosing to enroll in one of Coach Training EDU's training programs. Please complete the following form.

Program Selection

Please select which program(s) you are enrolling in at this time:

If you are planning to complete one of Coach Training EDU's full Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTP), please be sure to select a 1.0 and 2.0 training option, as well as indicate that you will be adding Group Mentor Coaching.

1.0 Academic Life Coach Training

1.0 Executive Coach Training

1.0 Wellness Coach Training

2.0 Coach Training

Would you like to add Group Mentor Coaching to your training?

Please note that Group Mentor Coaching is required for completion of a full ACTP.


Basic Information

Full Name (required)

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Phone Number

Mailing Address

Employment and Career

What is/are your current employment position(s)?

What are your career goals and how does coaching apply?

Coaching Background

Have you previously completed a coach training program?


If yes, what was the name of the training program(s)?

Why are you interested in enrolling in this particular coach training program?

I want to start my own coaching businessI have my own coaching business, and I want to add additional skills and tools to my practiceI want to learn additional skills to use in my current jobI want to become an ICF-certified coach or further my current certificationI want to learn life coaching skills to use in my daily lifeOther

If Other, please explain why.

How did you hear about Coach Training EDU?

Google or another search engineInternational Coach Federation (ICF) websiteSocial Media (ie. Facebook ad, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)Word of mouth (ie. friend, family, coworker, etc)Another Coach Training EDU coachOther

If Other, please explain.

Payment Information

Please select which payment option you would prefer.

Payment in full (includes a 10% discount)6-month payment plan12-month payment plan

If selecting a payment plan, which day of the month would you like your payment to be taken out?

*Please note that your first month's payment is required to secure your spot in your training program. You may select the date that you would like your remaining payments to be taken out each month below.

May Coach Training EDU use the same card that was used for your application fee for your remaining payments?

YesNo, I would prefer another card be used

Do you have a reference code? If yes, please enter it below.

Terms and Conditions

Please indicate that you have read and agree to Coach Training EDU's Terms and Conditions below.

Check here if you accept these terms.

Step 3: Receive Your Admission Decision

You can expect to receive an email regarding your enrollment within 48 hours of submitting your application. If accepted into the training program of your choice, our enrollment coordinator will get in touch with you regarding your tuition payment in full or payment plan.

Step 4: Receive Your Training Materials

Once you have made your tuition payment in full or have set up a payment plan, you can expect to receive all of the materials needed for your training program. You will receive hard copies of any necessary textbooks and login information for your class materials page.

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