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Hayden Lee | Graduate Stories

This week’s Graduate Stories episode features CTEDU graduate and former trainer Hayden Lee. In this episode, Hayden speaks on his message for our youth, his experience with co-creating our Executive Life Coach Certification program, and the importance of never giving up.

Hayden Lee is a Master Certified Coach, holding the highest credential possible in the professional coaching industry. He is an Executive Life and Leadership Coach and Founder of Hayden Lee Coaching International.
Connect with Hayden: @HaydenLeeCoaching
Ph: 310-826-0540

3 thoughts on “Hayden Lee | Graduate Stories”

  1. Thank you Hayden for the wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement.
    There were multiple takeaways from your short message. Here are just a few of the highlights::
    Help clients take ownership of their lives and empower them to do so. They have everything they need. Our role as coaches is to help bring it out of them. We have to help clients go to a deeper level. At the same time, we have to be vulnerable ourselves and be aware of it. We can only take our clients so far. The more vulnerable we are the more we can go even deeper with the clients.
    I really liked what you said about a love of learning, students having a voice and using it and teaching them to do and to move with confidence in terms of their studies and communication with their teachers and following through. I also liked how I need to ask myself why I want to coach and have it well-defined while also having resiliency and be in the business for the long haul. I order to do this we need so grit, mentoring and using resource. In doing so, the money and achievement will come.
    Outstanding talk!
    Thank you!


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