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Explore Your Empowerment with CTEDU Trainer Sonia Bhandari

Join CTEDU Trainer Sonia Bhandari and CTEDU Co-Founder, John Andrew Williams as they explore her personal and professional journey and the tipping point for her from enrolling in a self defense class to leading courses for women in Kenya to find personal and physical empowerment.
Sonia’s Story:
My journey into the world of Self defense and Coaching began over 6 years ago when I took my first Women’s Safety Workshop to overcome my own fears. My initial motivation? Fear of living in Kenya, or so I thought…. I later realized it was much deeper than that. It was a deep rooted fear, a deep lack of self-confidence and self-worth. I held within myself so many limiting beliefs and thought patterns that affected my spiritual and physical wellbeing. My ability to live life in a joyful way was becoming non-existent.
Just to give you a little additional insight into my inner workings, I struggled my whole life with confidence, with using my voice, with tackling difficult situations and conversations. Everything in my mind was a confrontation, and I was always prone to being in “victim mode”. Everything was always happening to me. From the day I walked into my first Personal Safety workshop in 2013, my transformation began. Within the first 5 minutes of class, I was thrown into a pressure induced demonstration and I broke down into tears.
It was by far a make or break moment for me. I had a choice to either crumble behind my fear and deep instilled lack of confidence or I could rise above it and tap into the best version of me. I chose option number 2 and something huge shifted within. The intention to empower myself was sparked. The rest is history. The default of all this learning and training was that I finally owned up to the part I was playing in life, i.e. the victim mentality. The experience shifted my spiritual, physical and mental mindset so powerfully, that I have been studying Personal Safety ever since. To date, the learning has not stopped and I realize my passion to pass forward these essential tools is too strong to ignore.
Now, through Self-defense training, Life Coaching and Empowerment Workshops that I design and facilitate, I work with women and teens to tap into their inner power. I want to give the tools that I consider essential to everyone.
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You can view the audio transcript here: Exploring Your Empowerment with Sonia Bhandari
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