Meet the Trainers


Barbara Little ACC
Barbara brings a multitude of expertise, education, and experience to her specialized coaching for individuals who want to create changes at any stage of life. She coaches from a positive perspective and lifelong pursuit of uncovering and fostering what motivates people to be their best self. She is based in St.Pete/ Tampa Bay Area and works with clients from all over the U.S. to effectively and empathetically coach her clients to full potential.


Bryan Hart PCC
Coaching produces growth. This is the firmly held and proven belief of Bryan Hart, PCC, who has walked with over 300 clients for more than 3500 hours of life coaching. Living in NW Indiana, Bryan is particularly passionate about redesigning education and career development through life coaching.


Hannah Finrow PCC
Hannah is currently a Coach Trainer for the 1.0 Wellness and 1.0 Essential Coach Training Programs. She is passionate about learning, growth and people! When she is not training, she is likely coaching remotely from her home in Seattle, where she lives with her husband Nick.


Hayden Lee PCC
Hayden is the Lead Trainer for the Essential Coach Training Program. He co-authored the Essential Coach Training Guide. He is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and executives, particularly millennials and organizations who employ them. He has his own coaching practice in Los Angeles and works with clients worldwide.

Meet The Trainers

John Williams MCC
John is the founder of Academy of Coach Training. He is the author of five books, a speaker, and one of the lead trainers for the 2.0 Coach Training Program. His leading passion is Academic Life Coaching and changing the way we educate young people. He maintains his own Academic Life Coaching practice of about 15 students and works directly with schools to train teachers and staff member. He also leads in-person 1.0 Essential Coach Training classes in Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Lindsay Helm ACC
Lindsay is the founder of Forward Effects Coaching and specializes in coaching athletes and individuals overcoming serious injuries. She is passionate about helping others pursue their unknowable potential, especially those facing formidable odds.  A former professional counselor, she switched to coaching after discovering its undeniable effectiveness in helping clients grow.

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